1. Arvi

    Pailwaan Movie - Kichcha Sudeep, Aakanksha Singh - Dir: Krishna - Arjun Janya - Released

    1st look Photoshoot done in Thailand by an Australian photographer!!
  2. Arvi

    Untitled Movie - Kichcha Sudeep - Hombale Productions - Announced

    Kichcha Sudeep to associate with Hombale Films. As per one source movie to be directed by Santosh Ananddram & Title is Bhargava. Might take off after project with Krishna.
  3. P

    Thugs Of Malgudi Movie - Kichcha Sudeep - Dir: Rakshith Shetty - Annonced

    Some news flowating around in Twitter about Sudeep's new film will be directed by Rakshit Shetty and Rakshit Shetty has confirmed the news... More details later...