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Update from Prashanth from Rockline Carnival Cinemas

Superb action... Appu chasing

Powerful fight

Appu superb. Huge roars

Appu amazing

Dhum powere BGM

Full rocking.....................


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Update from Prashanth from Rockline Carnival Cinemas

All villans done

Emotional scenes between Appu and Prabhu

End credits with dhum powere song. Audi full cheering and singing

Review Soon :) :rolleyes: B) :wub:


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Update from Prashanth from Rockline Carnival Cinemas

Final Words:-

Overall enjoyable family entertainer from Appu

Appa and Trisha Superb

RR, Sadhu amazing

Good watch for family

Lavish production values
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Watching in Santhosh. interval... .Thanks Praveen for the ticket:wub:<br />Appu is back to his usual form :) Wholesome family entertainer :wub:


guys thanks all for the live report.. well done..
pls continue discussion in main thread... Locking thread..

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thread unlocked. Let users put their comments for this priceless Live report.

@PS, Please post reviews and discussions in main thread.

* Prashanth *

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Thanks to both LUCKY and AJAY...

Sorry to both of them that I had to disturb them early in the morning...

We planned whole of yesterday... I just mentioned that I am giving report from theater end and wanted to keep the ones from PC end hidden and to be revealed only today..

Ajay did a very good job, started with lot of enthusiasm and good to see the updates Ajay.. :)

Am very much thankful to Lucky.. Really, if you had not accepted, this LIVE REPORT would not have happened.. Thank you very much again.. You did a fabulous job again.. Awesome updates... :wub:

Thanks to all those who participated...
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* Prashanth *

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POWER * * * is all about

* * * Marvellous Screen Presence, Rocking Dance moves, Live wire performance of Appu * * *

* * * Gorgeous Screen Presence, Lovely, charming, fab looks and best Kannada debut of Trisha * * *

* * * Wonderful Chemistry of Appu and Trisha.. Guruvaara the best song of the movie * * *

* * * Lavish Production values, Visual treat, Brilliant camera work * * *

* * * Both the comedy Kings RR and Saadhu Rock to the core * * *

* * * Huge Star cast, good dialogues, Neat Family Entertainer * * *