aDDa is back with the PRIDE EVENT once again after a very successful PRIDE EVENT for RAAJ-THE SHOWMAN on August 15th 2009......

This time all aDDa boys and girls will be joining once again at the Pride Event Hub PVR Cinemas on September 13th 2009 for our very own Shivanna's BHAGYADHA BALEGARA

So all aDDa guys and girls are requested to make this another Successful Pride Event as we do always...

so People, please book your tickets with me Mod Madesha at the earliest(Deadline: tomorrow 6pm(September 5th 2009)).....
lets Rock PVR Cinemas again SEPTEMBER 13th 2009...the show timing will be around 1230pm as we had for RAAJ


This time me nam APPA , AMMA, AVRU, IVRU ella coming so a big bunch from my side. Final count ist ralle haeltin but Min 5. How about KANNADIGA sir. Bega nim count aaaaki :)

I request everyone to BRING IN THEIR FAMILY and set a new TREND :shock:


Naren + 5
Madhu + 4
Kannadiga Sir + 34
Karthik + 2
Vasanth + 4
Amar + 1
Nisarga + 1
Goodman + 1
Muthanna + 1
Simhada Mari + 2
Muthuraj + 1
Chethu, Raaj Manju, Prabhu, Naa Rajakumara

If i have missed some names please add

69 * [8)]


what is the last date for confirmation....

i am still not sure if i can make it... but will confirm by thursday...
Balegara Boysare,

If everything goes FINE we will have the BIGGEST GUEST one can ever imagine to our PRIDE EVENT, Guess who??????. Second we are negotiating for BB release @ PVR and may be tomorrow we shall get the complete IDEA so guys please confirm and ensure your presence.