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aDDa Rules:

Forum Usage Policy

The administrators and moderators of Shivu aDDa will pursue any attempt to remove or edit any generally objectionable material as quickly as possible, it is impossible to review every message.

Therefore you acknowledge that all the matter posted in the forum expresses the views and opinions of the author and not of the administrators, moderators or webmaster (except for publications posted by them) and hence will not be held liable.

Moreover, you're bound to read very carefully and be aware about the below shown rules, any Admin/Moderator advise in Announcement and/or through other sections.

Disregard of the rules may lead you to being immediately and permanently banned.

Your IP address and all your posts are recorded to aid in enforcing these conditions.

You agreed about the webmaster, administrator and moderators of Shivu aDDa have the right to remove, edit, move or close any topic, at any time, without any advice, and for any valuable reasons on behalf of Shivu aDDa.


Don't post any abusive, racialist, obscene, vulgar, slanderous, hateful, threatening, sexually-orientated or any other materials that may violate any applicable laws.

No abuses against admin/moderators/other forum members will be tolerated. Warnings will be issued initially to the violators and any such act repeated will call for the user being banned.

No hatred messages or abuses against any eminent personalities (artists/authors/music directors/political figures etc.,) Opinions can be shared but without personal remarks and without the usage of foul language. Also, groupism promoting posts and provocative posts will be considered as offensive.

Remember this is a public forum and this is not a platform to give vent to "all" of your personal thoughts.


Do not upload useless files and links (search the forum before upload)

Do not spam or flood the forum just to increase your post count


Off-topic, hammering, spamming and cross posts are strongly unwanted. They're an un-useful load of aDDa. Post the right thing in the right sections. If you don't find a suitable section for the topic which you want to post, send a message to the admin about the topic of post which you would like to be included. [if found valid, it would surely be included and you as a member can take the credit of suggesting a new idea/topic]

The forum should not be used as a propaganda or publicity medium for the user's personal creation like websites/blogs etc.,


Don't abuse or misuse of the particular services of aDDa. In particular, the "Report this post to the moderator" must be used only in cases of violating contents in the posts. Suggestions are always welcome to improve the forum service itself.


The use of PM is strongly recommended, indeed encouraged. Use it for any communication, advice, request not strictly related to the topics threads. Users who receive abusive or objectionable content through PMs can report the same to the administrator. Clean your PM boxes on a regular basis.


Shivu aDDa strongly discourages usage of multiple and fake IDs of users. Admin will track many such floating and fake ids and they will all be deleted. So users (who have such multiple IDs) must inform the admin about their active and the most used id for posting in the forum.


Posting the following in aDDa are strictly forbidden and will considered as illegal activities:

Direct links of images of other copyrighted stuff

Links of audio and video files (MP3s/AVIs etc.) which are listed on other sites

Movie/audio download links from torrent sites

Books (without author permission)

Abusive content and Pornographic files.

Shivu aDDa forum admins will not take any reponsibility for the violation of any of these rules or copyright violation. If any copyright or rules violation is done, then please bring it to our notice.


Guys, As per the request a separate section for Photo gallery has been created hence forth plz post photograph's in this section.


As per our discussion a community in orkut has been created... here is the link

join aagi enjoy maadi..


Site Admin
Dear Folks,

aDDa is growing and so is the sign of it responding slowly to the queries. We have done a audit and it has the following to say,

• Overload on the database as the size is grown.
• Concurrent users to the forum is increased big time and that is why the search or fetch mechanism is taking lot of time. (Ex: Jogayya Thread)
• Also we have intense usage of allocated resources on the shared server

Solution for this shall be we migrating to a VPS (Virtual Private Server) or having a Dedicated Server. VPS is the next option for us as it works our cheaper than a dedicated server but costlier than current shared server.

Admin team is working on the possibility on moving to VPS and its consequences or related commercial implications which shall be soon sorted out and we shall be having a lightning access speed.

Until then looking forward for your support.

Team Shivu aDDa.

Team Shivu aDDa.


As I suspected, yes this is database size and usage related. So the solution lies in the hosting server.

+ we will also need to upgrade our forum software. And this can happen when the server is fast.

The database is 700 MB + which is pretty big.

Some steps we an follow now:
1. Stop posting large text from external sites. Instead provide a link to that site.
2. Reducing Othla posts.
3. Mods begin actively deleting old threads which are not read anymore or not useful.


Right.. But a permanent solution shall be immediately moving to a VPS. New threads can be accessed fast but a active a huge thread takes lot of time
( Jogayya thread ).

Request guys to limit Othlaa for a while may be a week to ten days time before we upgrade our service.


Also recommend we delete huge useless threads..

Othla thread can be deleted and a new thread created....


^^But its good for the forum to lose weight...Nobody reads old othla thread pages.

Anyways, once this happens, we can get the latest forum software and give members more features like reputation etc...


Madesha, I have a solution.. Will keep you posted soon.. May be lets have a call.


Site Admin
Dear Members,

As said earlier. Shivu aDDa Forum shall be under constant check and maintenance starting today along with migration to better accessibility. So there may be unexpected reactions from forum and also could be down or unaccesible.

Request all members to have a copy of thier valuble posts as we forsee some loss of data between next few days starting from today.

Looking forward for everyone's cooperation and support. Post this transition time Shivu aDDa shall be robust like never before.

Thanking in Advance,
Shivu aDDa Admin


This will still be a sticky options where members can put in their requests for any kind and it will be looked into



This Thread will contain all the new enhancements done to the Forum and all the issues the posters have. Please Mention any Issues you have so that the appropriate people will take care of them ASAP.

Also this thread will also include all new notifications the admin or the Mod Team needs to give to the aDDa-ites.......

So Happy Posting