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A New Sub Forum has been opened for KFFL Cricket and the Page has been Moved there

All can access it in the Board Index Page........

Board Index --------> KFFL Cricket


Is Ur Mobile BSNL n/w...BSNL has some problems
I opened the new URL for the first time in mobile and it worked very well


A New Subforum called "Live Reports and Pride Events Database" Created under Board Index ------> Cinema aDDa

All Live Report and Pride Event thread will be moved there and the new ones which will be created hereafter will move there after 15 days of that day

Janardhana Rao

Janardhana Rao Salanke
Dear Admin,

I was unable to search websites OR in Google Search Engine. Mr.Praveen Kumar has sent me a link in Facebook yesterday through which from past two days I am accessing.

Today morning one of my friend Mr.Ramesh from Malleshwaram who is Shivraj Kumar's friend called me and reported the same problem which I had faced.

Please rectify this problem at the earliest, so that fans can access this website.

With kind regards,
Janardhana Rao Salanke


Deepu, refresh the DNS settings in ur house system
or else for permanent solution for bsnl guys
change the dns to opendns or google

just find in google how to find out or else by tomorrow i will give u the detailed version

this will work out


KG-Tughlak said:
I still get back to board index page whenever i login
:x :x :x
Did you check the "keep me logged in" or some think like that kind of check box when you login?