Avane Srimannarayana Movie - Rakshith Shetty, Shanvi Srivastava - Dir: Sachin Ravi - Blockbuster Opening


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Watched the movie yesterday in Kuala Lumpur (Sandalwood Talkies arranged a show for kannadigas staying here with the collaboration od Malaysia Kannada sangha)... I liked the movie very much.... Very neatly done and simply superb.... (Here they screened 2 hours 45 minutes version, though I havent seen the 3 hours plus verison).... The entire team has done a commendable job.... their 3 years hard work and their patience to wait for 3 years has to be appreciated.... Only one negative I can highlight is Rakshith Character.... His mannerism is of Jack sparrow but most of the times his body language was over taken by Richie of Uludavaru kandante... I think rakshith shetty has got addicted to that... so by knowingly or unknowingly he looks like richie...... Music, background score, camera work and all the aspects has fallen well in place.... Like Shivanna said, its a different attempt and very neatly done... I was happy to see Annavru and APPU on big screen after a long time.... that scene has been used very well....