Congress corporator caught during taking bribe

Chanda Marutha

Staff member
lokayukta police caught red handedly congress corporator AWwai accepting 15000 from the shop owner of kalasipalyam ..

sad state of India .. This female was walking bodly even after this incident .. She was presenting herself like nothing has happened and looking Cool ..
our state govt should give more powers to lokayukta ..
2nd congress corporator to be caught in bribery After govindraju of Ganesh mandir. Another Congress corporator has been caught for murder conspiracy.what is happening with bangalore congress corporators.
minting money by occupying governments land or doing favourism in tender is somewhat ok.But extracting money from poor people who suffer daily for their daily food is unpardonable.Worst people.


This is happening across all levels right from the police pyade getting 5-10 Rs maamul from roadside vendors and sellers to such officials. Strict action must be taken. She must be fined and all the money should be returned with interest,