Davanagere Loksabha Seat Analysis

Again - Congress Stronghold Constituency

new Assembly Constituecnies which are added are
Davangere North and davagere south

Out of 8 Assembly constitunecies - there are 6 BJP MLAS

Current Sitting MP: GM siddeshwara

Current Assembly constituencies are: Jagalur, harapanahalli, hariHara, D.north, d.South, Mayakonda, Chennagiri and honnali

Probable Candidates:

BJP: Sitting MP: Siddeshwara
Congress: shamanoor Shivashankarappa Son : SS Mallikarjun
JDS: Kelorilla - not sure who will be the candidate

Major Communities: Lingayats,. Kurubas and SC's
Date of polling: april 30th

so what Say Guys - who is gonna win ???

Its a straight fight between Congress and BJP

BJP has a strong chance to retain its MP


Kannada chaLuvaligaara
Appu-TheShowMan said:
sitting MP Siddeshwara ee yappana achievements(if at all there is any ;=) ;=) ) yenu??
I have no clue..
But idu ittechige BJP ya bhadrakoTe..
Only hinderance for BJP would be the church incidents that took place recently under Bhajrang Dal..Not sure, if its gonna impact in a big way..
Any popular Lingayat leader, has a good chance....