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If we consider the direct release in USA, DMH stands out....

Movies which are collected more are not star movies and also released after good WOM in Karnataka.

In USA, particularly our Kannadigas they don't give prominence to the star movies. Their mentality is total different. Most of our people like watching and appreciate other language mass masala movies but when coming to Kannada movies they want pure class movies.

Just like in Karnataka, here also our people watch other language movies irrespective of reviews but when coming to kannada movies they are careful in choosing the movie.


The reason why a Non Kannada Masala movie runs well is most of the Non-Kannada Masala crowd run away to USA/AUSTRALIA/UK after marriage or for education. Whereas from Karnataka only people on JOB or VISHWAMANAVA's stay and hence is the result.
This will change as Non Kannada crowd will not mind watching if promoted and created well.

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It's been long time logged in to aDDa

For every actor 25th movie will be special and for his fans too... so we have got an apt movie for that number
Boss chindi udaaysavre movie li in all dept's

Had been to hospete with naren... it was an awesome experience and can't describe in words for sure... almost 7k+ people waiting outside theatre for almost 4+hrs just to watch midnight show.
The way I entered theatre was the worst n best part in my life... had never stuck like that in mob in my life till date

Coming to the movie all fans should be very much thankful to director/ magician soori who has come up with this script DMH... fantastically narrated with all ingredients and equal space for both our boss Power Star n Rebel star. Ravi shankar as a baddie is fabulous, chikanna even though his role is small he has done justice to his role. Starcast is just too good in this movie :love
Last but not the least nam madam RP is fabulous and looks very good in terms of presence on screen and also her attitude in dance is simply superb

Finished my count to 4 times now
Hospete 1
Bellary 1
Orion 2
As of now... count might reach till 25 too :love:love

Finally Thank You Naren for taking me to Hospete and because of u I witnessed a fabulous celebration which are organised by fans in Hospete

Antu nam boss kottavre eega idhu elli tanka hogatto gotilla :love:love

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Nowadays people prefer Magadi Road over KG Road Veeresh and Prasanna are like main theatres now
I almost stopped watching movies in KG road, just go for celebrations and Rounds. Now en Idru Multiplex or Outside City.


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Longstanding record gross of Anna Bond of Rs. 94 lakhs in 10 days (May 1 to 10, 2012) in Mysore City will be surpassed by DMH in 4 or 5 days at the latest.

The highest grossing movie in Mysore City is Jackie with Rs. 1.55 crores (unadjuated for inflation). DMH should pass it easily.

Adjusted for inflation, several rajanna movies, NK, GG, jogi ans some others would go over Rs. 5 Crores from just Mysore City.
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