Finally Uploaded 30+ Craze Videos Of Different Cities.
Sorry If Anyvideo missed..Thanks For Senders..
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Here #DMHdarbaar Videos Of Ur Cities.
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DMHDarbaar in #K.R.Nagara

DMHDarbaar in #Mysore

DMHDarbaar in #K.R.Puram

DMHDarbaar in #Mandya

DMHDarbaar in #Lingsugur,Raichur

DMHDarbaar in #Bagalkote

DMHDarbaar in #Dharwad

#DMHDarbaar in #Chitradurga

#DMHDarbaar in #Shivamogga

#DMHDarbaar in #Aanavatti, Shivamogga

#DMHDarbaar in #Haveri

#DMHDarbaar in #Doddaballapura

#DMHDarbaar in #Channapattana

#DMHDarbaar in #Hubli

#DMHDarbaar in #Jamakhandi

#DMHDarbaar in #Gokak

#DMHDarbaar in #Hospete
Wow this is amazing


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I want tell abt our vishala hrudaya kannadigas iam staying in Bhimanagar almost cosmopolitan area bt our locality has many kannadigas nija heltini nam area kannadavru prativarsha ganesha habbaku allu arjun photo akoru flex alli naanu keltide avn photo yake avn fans nam kannada actors photo aktara antha?? adake nan friends kotta uttara Telugu nam sahodara bhashe allu arjun namonu avn dance ge fans naavu anoru naanu andhra jana nam kannadavrna sahodararu antara antha kelde nanmel egradoke bartidru yavag telugu pages nam actors na troll madudro e varsha ganesha habbake a allu arjun photo akseilla bari kannada actors pics akidru avag naan helde "Ivag Budhi Bantha"nimge antha

Fact is our so called kannadigas are the reason for telugu films growth in Karnataka for example our friends only they wer watching each telugu films every weekends after watching trolls on our actors they are now watching only kannada almost my friends are fans of Uppi they watched DMH for more tan 4/5times iam very happy about ter change hinge ella change adre nam kannada cinema beliyuthe


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so shanthala 4 shows full(m show i have no report) accJB sir M show full
while coming from flower show saw full house board around 9pm
Doddmane Hudga First Weekend Gross USA..

2016-09-30 -------------- Friday ------------- $14,046.00

2016-10-01 -------------- Saturday ------------ $18,400.00

2016-10-02 -------------- Sunday ------------- $11,280.00
Hmmm Expected sunday collections to be better than fri n sat

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PVR Orion inspite of having terrific collection have reduced one more show from Tomorrow...why so? No one raises voice against it?

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Raja Ratna

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Exactly... in what logic these fellows say Vijay Dhanush NTR as good looking actors & our Darshan, Duniya Vijay as bad looking actors I don't know .. waste fellows... I tell you these upper middle class Kannadigas are big time racists... they criticize our actors skin colour a lot... that's the difference between our Kannadigas mentality & tamilians mentality... tamilians make only dark complexioned heroes like Rajinikanth, Vijay as their super stars & become their devotees... but among us few of our ppl criticize our heroes for being a little wheatish coloured... but thank God majority of our middle class & lower middle class Kannadigas are still upholding Kannada culture & movies without caring for shitty things like Skin colour and all... it is because of these ppl Industry is still alive... these RT GB audience will be busy watching gay Karan Johar movies even if a big star Kannada movie is released...
Super Words Bro 100% true
Doddmane Hudga First Weekend Gross USA..

2016-09-30 -------------- Friday ------------- $14,046.00

2016-10-01 -------------- Saturday ------------ $18,400.00

2016-10-02 -------------- Sunday ------------- $11,280.00
I think this may be correct... since the first 2 days collections are exactly correct ie almost 32.5k $ or 21.58 lakh, third day collection may also be right though there is a slight unexpected drop.
Can some give correct info regarding Ballary screenings

In how many theaters it was screened on Day 1 2 3 and 4

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