Dr. Rajkumar - Annavru, Karnataka Ratna, Kentucky Colonel, Padma Bhushan, Nata Saarvabhouma

Simhadamari said:
Don said:
Other men said they have seen GOD,But I have seen thee

And thou Parents, RAJ - The Legend''s enough.

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Superb words DOn .

Adu muttada Soppilla

Annavaru madada Paatra ella

Jai Rajanna
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great photo Mayura......thanks for creating a forum in name of Annavru...
DhanyavadagaLy... Jay..

thavu forumna ella discussions nallu active agi participate madabeku antha kelkothini. :)a :)a
15 Nov 2000 randhu nama Annavru 108 dinagala vanavasadindha vaapasadha dina. Ivathinna VK dalli ondhu olle lekana idhe.. nodi.



22 years down the lane trust me I donno A B C D of Ramayana, Mahabharatha, Bible, Quran, or any such sacred holy books, which unearth unique and plausibly equivalent algorithms for universal behavior of human kind. But this sole reason doesn’t not foreign me from the attributed Principles, Ethics, Moral Hard/soft Code.

But the twist lies in the source, which innocently embedded most of above-mentioned etiquettes into my Lovely Life.

Am I taking you all for a long ride. Excuse Me I find it evenly imperative to define myself before I go ahead with this article, it’s just not Me, Myself and Naren. It’s the Biography of most Kannadiga’s.

Well it’s all about the Legend DR!! RAJKUMAR.

Yes he is my deity, Idol, spirit. What I failed miserably while understanding Holy Books n Granny Stuffs, I found it in Raj Flick’s. Each Centimeter of his celluloid life advocate’s you with the most valued assets of Life. Am I just boasting about my Lord, for the second time, Excuse Me I am here to prove what I mean from the core of my heart.

Evidence One:

Movie – Kasturinivaasa.

Jesus!!! This is how I gotto know Self Respect. Each frame portrayed by the main lead pumps up raw Self-Respect. The way person needs to carry himself during his best days and bad moments are significantly arrayed. Even Though Self-Respect is born after an Individual but it’s the one, which should and must die after individuals.

Overdose of Self-Respect might trap us into Ego Hut, But KASTURI NIVASA Benchmark’s the eminence of Self-Respect.

Evidence Two:

Movie – Mayura.

If you find me running my fingers on the keyboard to Support Kannada then I on a whole scale credit it to My Lord Rajkumar.

My family and friend Circle is big and westernized, I hardly could find friends watching Kannada Movies, or speaking Kannada or Supporting Kannada. Being grown up in such climate it was the opus magnum credentials of Rajkumar to make my eye balls Stick to Kannada, Heart to Beat for Kannada.

Not just Mayura, the songs from most of his movies catalyzed my Love, Sincerity, and devotion towards my motherland.

Evidence Three:

Movie – Sanaadhi Apanna.

Appa-Amma Kannige kaano paramathma.

Can’t stop Loving Dad n Mom. My Lord Rajkumar fuels this.

Hey don’t yell at me saying Loving Dad-Mom should be from your birth, yes it is, n it was n it will, but Rajkumar acts as my philosopher and Mentor. The way he looks after his dad in “BADAVARA BANDHU†makes me run to dad’s office.

Upshot of Sanaadhi Apanna makes this 23-year-old son sleep next to his Dad even now.

Here it is,

The most vital aspects of Human Being, which deliberately transforms a man into a Gentleman,

• Swabhimaana.

• Abhimaana.

• Appa-Amma

Missing any of these might push you to Back Seat.

I am just jabbing the most essential ingredients for a Prefect Person

There are n such qualities that can be acquired from Raj Movies be it, Love towards Siblings, Love Towards Spouse, Love towards Friends, Love towards People, Love towards Love.

Raj Bench Mark for Life, Love, Living.

To wrap up, this is not a Blind Article by a legendary Chamcha, I am not ignorant, neither a dumb follower, All I am trying is to carve up impact of Rajkumar on fellow human beings and me.

This was indeed my article dedicated to the masters birthday, but unfortunately posting the same 17 days after his death n 78 years after his birth.

I feel extremely hurt by this, hard to come over.

Yet Facts of Life.