Dr. Rajkumar - Annavru, Karnataka Ratna, Kentucky Colonel, Padma Bhushan, Nata Saarvabhouma

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ಇವತ್ತು ನಮ್ಮ ಜೆ ಪಿ ನಗರ 6ನೇ ಹಂತದಲ್ಲಿ ಡಾ ರಾಜ್ ವೇದಿಕೆ ವತಿಯಿಂದ ನಮ್ಮ ಅಣ್ಣ ರಾಜಣ್ಣ ಅವರ ಹುಟ್ಟು ಹಬ್ಬಕ್ಕೆ ಅನ್ನದಾನ ಕಾರ್ಯಕ್ರಮ ಹಮ್ಮಿಕೊಳ್ಳಲಾಗಿತ್ತು.


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Dr. Raj's 100th Movie was "Bhagyada baagilu"..at the time of its celebrated 100 days ....its release they also compiled movie called 'Natasarvabouma' which comprises of various clippings from his previous movies and this was first ever attempt in this regard whole of India for any movie actor whose life was portrait like this.

The first song sung by Dr. Raj for his movie was 'Aarada Nandadeepa' this song was employed in the movie 'Sangama'.

The first time Dr. Raj acted in double role was in the 'Sati Sakthi' and also three double role in 'Kula Gowrava' which went on to win the Best Actor Award of the State.

Pandaribai was the first heroine of Dr. Raj in movie 'Bedara Kannappa' and Dr. Rajs' has acted with more than 40 heroines in his career.

Dr. Raj set a new trend by producing a movie with his friends Narasimharaju, Balakrishna and G.V. Iyer and also played the lead role in the movie 'Ranadheera Kanteerava' and set a new precedent.

The first movie in Kannada to based on a novel was 'Karuneye Kutumbada Kannu'. The hero was Dr. Raj.

Dr. Raj has sung numerous devotional songs, folk songs and light songs. He has recited songs of very popular kannada composers like Kanakadasa, Purandaradasa and list of devotional songs covers Jesus Christ, Hanumantha, Sabarimale Ayappa, Raghavendra, Kollour Mookambika, Sharade, Tirupathi Venkataramana, Mylaralinga, Mahadeva, Dharmasthala Manjunatha like among the other gods.

So far none of the Dr. Raj movies have obtained 'A' certificate or ever experienced a trouble from the Censor Board.

The first ever Indian artiste run 'Rasa Sanje' or Orchestra programme hold in USA is Dr. Raj.

In whole of South India Dr. Raj's is film cassettes of playback songs have set various records and for this he has won the Sangeetha Audios prize of 1.50 lakhs cash and also Golden Discs various times.

Dr. Raj is only film actor to be awarded prestigious "Kentucky Colonel Award" by USA.

Dr. Raj has helped various organizations in Delhi, Bombay and all across the State of the Karnataka by conducting 'Musical Nights'.

Dr. Raj is the only kannada actor to be the recipient of highest ever award given by the Indian Government i.e. 'Padmabhusana'.

One unusual thing about Dr. Raj's movies is that even his old movies when released run for 50 days, 100 days with houseful collections.

No other actor in the country has more than 5000 fans organization which Dr. Raj has.

The first Kannada movies to be displayed in London was 'Naandi' which brought Dr. raj very good reviews.

Dr. Raj with his profound acting and varied roles has won the Film Fare Awards for the Best Acting and also the State Award for the Best Actor for the highest no. of times.

Dr. Raj has acted in highest number of movies based on various novels.

Some of the Dr. Raj movies were released more than 50 prints to state for eg: 'Mayura', 'Huliya Halina Mevu', 'Chalisuva Modagallu', 'Kavirathan Kalidasa', 'Shankar Guru', 'Bhaktha Prahalad', Haalu Jenu and etc.

The song 'Huttidare Kannadanadall huttabeku…' in 'Akasmika' was repeated in the movie halls two to three timesduring every screening in the initial weeks due to fans requests. An unprecedented occurrence!

The photo of Dr. Rajkumar reproduced on the cover page of High Society has a record 40 lakh prints taken earlier.

When a new movie of Dr. Raj would release, his fans would organize massive Blood Donation Camps and the donors would be honored with a ticket for the movie, till date thousands of lives have been saved, thanks to this gesture.

This is really Awesome achievement...by our Immortal Annavaru.. :) :-|

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Thanks Mr. Jeeva for taking the time to narrate Dr. Rajkumar's accomplishments. May god bless you.