Dr. Rajkumar - Annavru, Karnataka Ratna, Kentucky Colonel, Padma Bhushan, Nata Saarvabhouma


In an unplugged conversation with BT
, actor
Anil Kapoor

On Dr Rajkumar:

He was not just Dr Rajkumar. He is the emperor Dr Rajkumar — emperor of all actors. He has contributed so much to Indian cinema that the legacy that he has left behind is not just a treasure for lovers of Kannada cinema, but for all Indians. He will always be there in our hearts.

On his film Saheb: This was originally a Bengali film, which was remade in Hindi. I was part of the Hindi version, wherein my character was a goalkeeper by profession. The film was about a son who sacrifices his kidney for his father. We Indians priortise family over all else, and that was probably why this film managed to touch a chord. This film was again remade in Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam.