Dr. Vishnuvardhan - Sahasa Simha , Abhinava Bhargava, Karnataka Suputra - Actor And Singer

Some clarifications:

Simhadriya Simha - 15 weeks at Aparna, 25 weeks in Mysore/other center
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Gandhadagudi Dr Rajkumar movie but Vishnu role had weightage and he was the main antogonist or anti hero. Hence it's included.

Krishna Nee Begane Baaro silver jubilee function was celebrated along with Maneye Mantraalaya, even if 10 weeks in Sagar.

Sooryavamsha 100 days in 16 theaters including Menaka and 25 weeks in 4 centers/theaters.

Sahodarara Savaal ran 25 weeks as per this article by The Hindu : Noted film producer-distributor A.R. Raju no more
But not sure about the authenticity. In any case it would have probably ran 100 days/25 weeks in shifted/combined/other center run even if just 7 weeks in main theater and was a successful film.

Soorappa - surely 8-10 weeks in Kalpana, 100 days in other center (100 days function celebrated) - got good opening (Vishnu's peak time)

Karmika Kallanalla - 7 weeks as per seniors

Appaji - 5 weeks - but profitable with good opening

Himapatha - 8-10 weeks in Aparna, flop in B,C centers - Average (A-centers hit)

Dhani - 5 weeks - below average grosser
Aasadya Aliya is superhit.
In siriganda YouTube channel, director Bhargava has mentioned it in Na kanda Vishnu program. Producer gifted him Navarathna ring for giving success

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