Drona Movie - Dr.Shivarajkumar, Iniya - Dir: Pramod Chakravarthy - MD: Ramkrish - Released


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Sir We don't have good directors who can show different shivanna all r sslc failed ppl only if u see shivanna looks in the villan we can easily say an chapper director spoiling his image don't no y he gives call sheet to this jerks & blindly accepting routine films everyone have hopes on mufthi & Tagaru moreover shivanna must & should do one or two movies per year only then we can see bigg biggest bigger craze every year
First and foremost thing is one movie at a time...if you do 3 movies at a time even fans will not be knowing anything...stop giving callsheet to crap directors like this fellow AP Arjun etc...


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This year Bangara and Tagaru were more than enough. Similarly 2 movies per year is more than enough.
Now, I'm at a stage that I'm ready to accept even remakes.

Cannot see the same old style movies coming out every quarter.
No one has hopes on such talent. We cannot defend each and every move that boss makes.
Its the same mistakes he is committing every now and then.

Its enough if he gives one movie per year, even if they are like Jogayya or Bangaara but never 3-4 Belli/Mass Leader.

I dont think in any other industry a big hero does so many movies per year that too with in-experienced team.


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Yes, I can write a better script than most of these incompetent script writers we have now :ok
If I cannot I would not go ahead and make a movie and waste the time/money of fans.
All are capable and can fine tune scripts after watching the movies in theatres like how you felt for Rajakumara.But people in field business knows or competant then us to cater.I wouldn't dedicate time in speculating concepts without knowing abcd..


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Other industries big heros category except mohanlal no body active like Shivanna

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Shoulder Venktesh VRS
Naga choosy and also not winning
Chiru he back after 8 Years what a
Happened every body knows
Balayya na kelodhe Beda
Coming to Tamil
Rajini hardly 2 more movies
Kamal bankrupt

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Hit or Flop is part of Game. This is infact a second one. Pramod ಚಕ್ರವರ್ತಿ can max give another ಚಕ್ರವರ್ತಿ.

But again for every movie expert opinion comes to Shivanna. He should do that n this n not this n that.

Whatever and who ever have done what to be done as said by many had major disasters.

Before all lets see if this takes off or not.

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