Eashwarappa and the 40 thieves of Bengaluru.


Lokayuktha found a lot of unaccounted silver and gold in this guy's house. It is headlines in national news channels.

37 kg silver, 1.9 kg gold recovered from Karnataka BJP state chief's house

For a guy barking 24/7 about silly issues, this has come as a boot kick on his ugly face. Of course there may be an explanation but I feel its hard to account for this much.

Now Yeddy will get a lot of ammo to fire against his enemy.

BJP needs to practce what they preach. If they removed Yeddy over corruption charges why are they shielding their national president LARDkari and state president when they have been exposed.

Advani who was dead against Yeddy because of corruption should take action to remove such people the moment they are found guilty.