Emoticons/Smilyes sizes !!! UPDATED!!! feedback wanted!!!

madesha said:
We shud start multiple forums to cater to each and everyone's wishes. We are trying to get a set of smileys and an overall look which is different than other forums.

Dont have to start multiple forums sir ... a single forum can have many smileys ... but standard ones shud be standard atleast sir ... dats wat we are trying to say from the beginning .....

feedback is not needed where restrictions if any are involved ... :)) :)) :))


Kannada chaLuvaligaara
chethu_here said:
amara said:
I say, remove all the smileys..members are using the smileys unnecessarily to the core
nimge ishta illa andhre use maad bedi adh bittu :-X :-X :-X :-X :-X :-X
hagalla guru..sumne forum ella bari smiley gaLe tumbkoLatte anta naan heLiddu ashte..


Kannada chaLuvaligaara
deepakgowda said:
ADMIN small suggestion here...

pls login to this forum & checkout the simp,e standard smileys...


ee thread nallu kuda ellaru bari smileys ne upayogistare, adu repeatedly..

SA is becoming more of a smileys forum rather than a discussion forum
Its reducing maga now a days..
admin..please import the smiley's from there..we want it ASAP :)) :)) :)) :))