Gauri Kaarnik - Live Chat Completed - Highlights added!!!!


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Hello All Adda members,

Gowri Kaarnik of Kaaranjji fame will be live in Adda.
Get Ready with your Questions for her abt Kaaranjji / abt her experience in Sandalwood. or anything else that you wanna ask her.

This is something new & unique in KFI Forum History !!!

Adda always for the cause of KFI.

More updates to follow soon.



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bangalorevinu said:
sumne rail hathisbedi last time ravi srivatsa answer madthare antha heli escape hagbitri

Ravi Srivatsa had agreed to answer all the questions. He had seen all the questions. But unfortunately you know what happened to Madesha during that time he did not answer. But we are sure to bring him back with a Bang. Wait for a Big Bang !!!!


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Dear aDDa Folks,

As promised we have Gauri karnik - Female Lead of Kaaranjji for a Live Chat.

This Pride event is scheduled for Friday, 30th Jan between 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM IST.

Shivu aDDa requests 100% Attendance and Support to our Beloved "Kaaranjji Team".

Few Guidelines for the Questionnaire,

1> Simple and Crisp.
2> Emphasize on Questions related to "Kaaranjji" Movie.
3> No Personal Questions.
4> No defamatory Questions

Shivu aDDa Rules and Regulations apply and it reserves Right to delete any Question that seems to violate the ethics without assigning any reason.

All the Best and Bring in your Buddies and make this Pride event successful.

A Heartly Welcome Gowri Karnik to our Shivu Adda (Shivanna).
I'am really impressed by your performance in SUR.
I really remember your song is SUR: Aa bhi jaa, aa bhi jaa...
Its my favourite song. ;) ;) Good Luck for your Kaaranji movie.
God Bless you. ;) ;) :-| :-| :) :)a


Admin is clever he wants everyone to be ONLINE well in advance. After all we are INDIANS :-|