Gauri Kaarnik - Live Chat Completed - Highlights added!!!!

muthanna nim order ,yalla orkut kannada communityes nali he new update madi hagide ,swallpa coomms nali news hakoke agila dude to avaru block madidare bari ha comm owner or mod topics hako hage :-( muthanna nuna gani mama community ge join ago ag madbitralla :-( :-(
Guys.. It would be good that if we discuss in English only in this Thread atleast. Hope u ppl understand.

Mee tooo waiting with Questions.

Chanda Marutha

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kitty said:
Muthanna said:

Then who is posting first question?? Any towel, handkerchief option available here ????
devrane gu thav helidu artha agila muthanna :|
Lo kitty, Google nalli “uses of handkerchief “ antha type madi nodu … u will surely get the answer.. :))