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Watched Bigil, most funniest movie of 2019
do no what people saw in vijay acting simply praised rayappan character, it was totally fun i laughed more for royappan episode than football episode.
nothing is there in father-son relationship, didn't find any emotions which is most important for any movie even if its a comedy movie.
concept & intention is good but this Gulties & Kongs spoil the movie in the name of commercialisation.
AR Rehman is gone case, simply repeating his own background music in all movies.
this movie more connects to rcb fans than anyone in this world

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Roger Deakins's masterful touch is striking in every detail of every scene!! 1917 is truly a cinematic Experience.

The story is very simple, a mission is given to a two men who needs to deliver a message from A to B, the trailer sets you everything you need to know about the film. Following the lead characters in a One Continuous shot (It's not a single shot, but it's made to look like a single shot) the film puts you there right with them. It feels as if you're almost the third soldier that's going this emotional, brain draining, tear jerking, action yelling journey you have ever been on.

The main highlight of the film is the spectacular cinematography by Roger Deakin. There's this really wide shot that isn't shot on anamorphic lens which is unusual, to use the spherical lens like that on those shots is very strange. Because he's fitting a lot in a frame without using the traditional technology that used to use that. I don't care if this movie doesn't win a Best Picture in Oscars, but I'll be devastated if Deakins doesn't win an Oscar for the cinematography. Without the Giant Bulky Panvision 35mm camera, You wouldn't be able to get any of this shot that you witness in the film.

The editing is predetermined here, it's all done in the camera, it's the camera movement which determines the pace of the film. Lee Smith didn't have much of a work to do in this, if you really wanna know about Lee's strength you will get to see that in "Dunkirk."

The Score was an indicator of everything, it builds up to a crescendo and completely halts wherever it needs to contemplate and sympathize with the characters. The use of "Wayfaring Stranger" song in the movie evidently proves that the Sam Mendes is still a Stage director at heart.

However I felt there wasn't any enough of the character development also the Climax wasn't satisfying. 16 War films have won the Oscars and the recent was the hurt locker which released in the year 2009. So, 1917 is a pretty much strong contender for the Best Picture category in the Academy Awards.