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Watched krack, good commercial entertainer
Veer madakari kind of movie, director is talented we can see it in beginning only when he narrates story with Nail, Mango & 50 rupee note
Bustand & climax action scenes well composed.
Thaman bg music is good, siren used as bg music with unique style.
After gang leader this is the gulti movie I liked, we may see remake of it soon.....

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Watched sham sing Rai, chindi movie :love
Screenplay is awesome, very smartly presented, first half looks ordinary but second half is good, connecting first half to climax is just awesome & makes movie perfect, huge respect to the director for smart presentation
I had very less hope in 2nd half & was thinking to skip seeing hero's revolutionary acts which looking pale, even devadasi thing wasn't intersting for me as i have already seen Lisa rays water, but the action scene that hero punishes bomman gave heavy goosebumps, changed the complete prospect of movie.
After long time i enjoyed a gulti movie, last movie was same actors gang leader, jati ratna was funny entertainer, but can't say complete movie.
This guy should get more attention than overrated cum Outdated directors like sukumar, tribikram, rajmouli etc

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