**HD.Kumaraswamy- Achievements**




Thats why I keep telling he is the dynamic young future of our state. He should get a full term as CM. :-| :-| :-| :-|


HDK is always the best CM known in the recent times. I wish this MAN comes to power with his own capability.

Reddy Guys are sure to Run on Cheddy along with Yeddy :))
calvin said:
Appu-TheShowMan said:
Vishnu dada sir, plz put the achievements of Yeddy also so that Chethu doesn't sleep again. ;=)
ha ha ha yeddy dhu haaki chaddi dhu haaki :)) :)) :)) :))

who ever it is S.M.K or HDK or BSY just saying we have sanctioned this much money that much money is not an acheivement :mrgreen: :mrgreen: making sure that the money is used properly and implementing the projects are important :roll: :roll: :roll: yella politicians bari naavu isht dhudd sanction maad idhivi asht dhuddu sanction maad idhivi antha dialouge hodithare ashte :a :a :a :a

giving crores of money to adh yaavdho muslim board anthe(wafk????) (both yeddi and kumaraswamy as claiming that they have sanction more money to it than any1 else) yen comedy :)) :)) :))

if they are so much worried about them then let them provide education,job to those needy muslims adh bittu mata galige, e wafk board ge koti gattle dhudd surdhu adhanna dhodd acheivements antha bombda badkothare :)) :)) :)) :))

BTW : DID S.NAANI DIRECT THESE VIDEOS?? :roll: :roll: :roll: