I Love You Movie - Upendra, Rachita Ram - Dir: R Chandru - Released

To those who are doubting the movie's BO performance and comparing it to flop movies of their (& other) heroes:

I have already given few Bangalore & Mysore theater updates. Clearly the movie is having Above Average to Decent to Good crowd in single screens & multiplexes. There are various YouTube videos of release day craze of jam packed crowd and celebrations at Triveni, Prasanna & Mysore theaters (unfortunately some hero's last movie didn't have such celebrations).

I have myself witnessed houseful board in Veerabhadreshwara and almost houseful crowd at Prasanna yesterday and today respectively. And yet those who comment that Prasanna is not fast filling in bms & hence all single screens are going poor, they should know to go near the theater to check whether it is full or not, instead of just looking at bms and judging single screen collections.

Some (more than one) have claimed the first week share of this movie will be only 1-2 crore. Well I remember some claims way back in 2012 that Kalpana wouldn't collect more than 2-3 cr share in it's entire run. But later the concerned predictions were slapped by the movie collecting double the share that had been "predicted".

I Love U hasn't opened to a blockbuster opening, but it's not as bad as some are predicting/claiming either , some fans' heroes' last movies have just fizzled out and they may be insecure to compare this movie with those.

Kalpana2 had collected a first week share of 3.25 crore. Mukunda Murari had collected first week share of over 5 crore. Performance of I Love U is currently better than Kalpana2 & slightly lesser than MM (which had more multiplex audience), so based on simple logic the first week share should be anywhere between 3 to 5 crore (or better) based on the weekend and the weekdays trending. Certainly it will be more than the said insecure predictions.
Emotional outburst alli ondh erdu foul words use maadi eduvodhu sahaja. Aadhre idhara 10 pattu foul words, insults, personal level abuse naavu face maadidhivi from the other end :)

Aadhre ivaga coming to the point, ondhu decent aagi odtha iro movie na 1 or 2 crore share Anno keeLa mattakke downgrade maadodhu, neev eshte private aagi mathadudhru, obba hardcore mad fan ge hurt/disturb aage aagathe, so react maadidhini, mundhe kuda falsely deflated numbers nang reach aadhre counter kodle bekagathe (only to the numbers without outburst).

More specifically, it is a fact that this movie is having decent collections in select centers or places. It is NOT AT ALL performing poorly. I am getting updates of Gayathri having sold out three shows as I type this. If this movie collects anything less than 3 crore share in it's first week (in the worst case that is, I am confident it will collect much more) then I am ready to personally come and face anyone at any place that they call me and apologize to them.

1-2 crore share first week claim - MY FOOT, antha heLtha ee topic na ille end maadthini.
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Movie has taken Above Average to Decent Opening.

Few theater updates that I have gathered over the two days:

Bangalore :-
Triveni 2 or 3 shows full
Prasanna 3 shows full
Veerabhadreshwara night show houseful (not sure about rest)
Multiplexes morning & afternoon shows around 60%, evening & night shows almost full or full, gt mall all shows sold out or almost full
Mysore :-
Gayathri 4 shows full (3 sure), Lido morning show houseful, matinee almost full, INOX morning show 70% full, multiplexes evening & night shows full including PVR, DRC
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Bangalore :-
Prasanna matinee & first show houseful, sec show balcony full second class 3 rows left, Veerabhadreshwara balcony fulls, night show houseful, multiplexes late afternoon, evening & night shows 60 to 100% full
Mysore :-
Gayathri 2 shows full & 2 balcony fulls, Saraswati 5:30 PM show balcony full, few multiplex shows fulls including DRC, PVR
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(Narasimha few fulls over the 2 days)
Bangalore :-
Prasanna matinee & first show houseful rest two balcony fulls, Veerabhadreshwara balcony fulls (4:15 show second class around 50(+) tickets left), multiplexes decent turnout afternoon & evening shows as reported earlier - GT mall continues to do excellent business as it had nearly full or sell outs of all 5 shows despite an already well performing Prasanna next to it, thereby pointing out that Magadi Road business of the film is excellent.
(Narasimha & Siddeshwara had good crowd turnout of almost full/sold out for all 5 shows each)

Mysore :-
Gayathri 3 shows houseful, PVR & DRC sold out 2 shows each

Overall the movie was not much affected by a major important cricket match today and it has held well with the specific target audience in select centers/theaters in the same level as first two days.
Coming weekdays if it holds well then it has good chances of scoring well as it has no competition even in the next week so it has good breathing space to put up a decent healthy total.
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