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Cheer girls even dont know when to dance :mrgreen: :hehe: they dont know about 4's and 6's i believe :mrgreen: they get some signal from somebody and immediately they start to dance,yappa :mdr3:


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Not happy with the Gayle's strategy of going slow initially and smashing all later...especially when chasing.


They might have asked Gayle to be there for more time...adhakke he does like that antha nanna thinking..i feel as virat is failing..they have asked gayle to double up as a sheet anchor role also......

but i have watched that video of that lofted cover drive for a 6 which was dug out of a 146kph yorker..i am just seeing how well he cud hit that shot...yappa....

also the next ball was 142kph..he moved so much across the stumps and scooped it....that over itself was stunning

and another thing was during that over...there was an ipl poll on who s a better finisher..is it ABDE or Dhoni....surprisingly dhoni got 45% ... Yappa

if after that over they had put a poll dhoni wud have got 5%


Kohli has to come down the order and let Devilliars play one down...

also that Six of a yorker hit by ABD has to be the shot of the tournament so far....


just excellent by Gayle..monstrous hits

2 sixes I loved the most..one flat six over midwicket to Pollar that Gayle Hit

the best of all was Virat's winning shot..wat an amazing six that was