James Movie - PuneethRajkumar - Dir: Chethan Kumar - Shooting


This will be mega mass
After DMH this will be Appu's return to out and out mass genre with a good trustworthy director!
Terrrific lineup for boss till 2021-22
Heard Suri has two scripts for Appu
One single project and other is with Shivanna
Appu confirmed this in an interview with Priyamani
These movies are any day better than giving chance to Meher Ramesh,Jayanth Paranjee,Saravanan etc
Except Poori none were good.. Any day Kannada directors are better... Excited for this one.... James

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aDDa Junior
Lost count of number of viewings!
Mega mass music and lyrics
Chethan could have done very minutely better with visuals
Avr bittu Ivr Bittu Ivryaarooo,Sumne nintkondre shuru guru durbarooo!