Jd(s) -gt devegowda,tamanna to join jd(s)

innu pakka agilla..noDbeku...aadhre DC thamanna Jd(s) serodhu kachitha.He will contest from maddur. GT devegowda and Shankar lingegowda are joining jd(s) in comming days.


Former chief minister H D Kumaraswamy has said that all kinds of loans borrowed by the farmers will be waived off, if the JD(S) comes to power in the State.

Speaking at a JD(S) convention organised at Tarikere on Friday, he said that various programmes will be implemented to solve the problems faced by the poor. The work on irrigation projects will be taken up to solve the row over shortage of water. The youth will be empowered by providing financial assistance. He appealed to the voters to bring the
JD(S) back to power in the State.

“Becoming a Chief Minister is not aim. The power should be used for for the welfare of the voters. The BJP and the Congress have failed in its administration. BJP leaders are making an effort to save the identity of the government. Expecting a major change, the people of the State had exercised their franchise to the BJP. However, instead of working towards the welfare of the people, the State government is caught in vicious circle.”

KJP leaders who were speaking on Hindutva when in power are eyeing on minorities now, he added.

Instead of thinking over improving infrastructure facilities, and unemployment problems, Congress leaders have raised the issue of Tippu Sulthan unnecessarily. It was an attempt to divide the society.

He flayed Congress leaders for talking against Devadasi and Jogathi women.

“About 23,000 women have gone missing during the BJP rule in the State. The government has failed in providing safety to the women. The government is busy in plotting to save its chair and woo the voters in the forthcoming Assembly elections,” he added.

Former chief minister accused the State government for failing to implement permanent drinking water projects in the State. The government has failed to protect the interest of the farmers. The monthly honorarium which was paid to the widow and handicapped persons have been stopped.

He said that if the JD(S) wins the election, then monthly honorarium for the widows, handicapped will be increased to Rs 1,500 from Rs 400. Financial assistance will be paid to the farmers to purchase fertilisers. A sum of Rs 5,000 will be paid for the care of pregnant women. The farmers should not commit suicide for having unable to repay the loans in the State, he said.

Subhash Bharani, Akmal, Youth JD(S) wing working president S L Dharme Gowda and others spoke.


Good initiatives promised by HDK. High time the govt supports the weak and downtrodden sections of society.