Jedara Bale Movie


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Jedara Bale (Kannada: ಜೇಡರ ಬಲೆ) is a 1968 Kannada spy thriller directed by Dorai-Bhagavan starring Rajkumar, Jayanthi, K. S. Ashwath, Narasimharaju and Udayakumar. The music of the film was composed by G. K. Venkatesh.

The film is the first movie in the CID 999 Franchise created along the lines of the James Bond and James Bond - styled films. The success of this movie led to 3 sequels - Goa Dalli CID 999 , Operation Jackpot Nalli C.I.D 999 and Operation Diamond Racket.

This was one of the first James Bond - styled films in India. Rajkumar was the first actor to enact a role which resembled James Bond.[4] The grand success of this movie led to several such attempts in other south Indian languages with top stars - Jaishankar in Tamil; Krishna in Telugu and Prem Nazir in Malayalam. The CID 999 Franchise was also the first Indian movie franchise to have four installments.


Rajkumar as Prakash
K. S. Ashwath as Rao Bahaddur Narasimha Rao
Narasimharaju as Baby, a Taxi driver
M. P. Shankar
Shakti Prasad