Kannada Dubbing Films Walkthrough - Dabangg 3 in Kannada


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Oru Adaar love/Kirik Love Story 1st day collection:

film has grossed ₹2.68 Crore including all the versions. AP/TS has been the major contributor as the Telugu version has earned ₹1.50 Crore.

Kerala where it opened to ₹0.48 Crore. Kannada version added another ₹0.40 Crore. The film also added another ₹0.30 Crore from Tamil Nadu and North combinedly.
1.5cr from Andhra naa
These AP people have gone mad ansutte
KGF gu ist dodd opening kotilla
KGF was just about 1cr
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Dear comrade us reappearing in Kannada also... Good one rashmika is here and the right one to two the right foot..... Now comes the matter of controlling the release in other languages.... Already to some extent..... Hope they don't release in all languages