KavaluDari Movie - Ananth Nag,Rishi - Dir: Hemanth M Rao - Charan Raj - PRK Productions - Released


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Watched in veeresh yesterday.
Best from sandalwood in recent years
Narration deserves huge applause,
I becme a fan of Hemanth
Charan music is so fresh n haunting,
Rishi done a fab job.
It deserve better success.
Congrts PRK.. Expecting many more like this.
PS: ide cinema tamil nal bandidre talk of the industry agirodu.
(Remake agathe e script)

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Watched in Veeresh for second time. Enjoyed movie more than first time
Sadly i missed 10min of movie with 2 important scenes when watched first time
Murder scene in archaeological dept and skull appearance scene. Camera work is stunning in both scenes, especially skull scene gave nice horror feel :love
Hemanth has given clue in many scenes from starting to till ending, we can notice that in 2nd watch
This time ambulance scene made me cry more
Love to watch it again

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