Madesha Day Out - aDDa Boys DARBAAR, Thanks to ALL!!!!!


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Don said:

Thanks a TON to all the FOLKS who joined for this SUCCESSFUL MEGA EVENT.

We must be sure , the fun message wud be forwarded to KFI people by our AJAY. Kudo's to him who made to MADESHA where as we could see PREMA who made her LIFE from KANNADA movies was behind a NON KANNDA flick. SHame on HER. :-X

Special THANKS to GOODMAN. We are really glad to have such a person who dares to meet and mingle with us, while most get away.

GOODMAN you are really a VERY GOODMAN. :-| :-| :-| :-|
Ajay ge erastu buddhi a PREMA ge elwalla che thu :-X :-X


Muthuraja said:
It was a wonderful experience at PVR this afternoon. majority of the folks showed up which was very nice, i got an opportunity to meet bunch of folks including Arasu sir for the first time.

Also, we got a chance to meet goodman/Deepak Gowda/Mahi/Prabhu and other folks as well for the first time.

MADESHA starts off with a blast ...

The cinematography by seetharam is extra ordinary, we were waiting for THIRUGHO EE BHUMIGEY song, about 15 adda boys including me jumped to the front of the big screen and started dancing, enjoying to the awesome tune.

A whole bunch of whistles from our boys was rocking the auditorium, folks were enjoying it to the core.

Here is my Madesha review ....

Positives: Camera work -- Seetharam
Back ground score -- Saadu Kokilaa
Art director -- Varma if i'm not mistaken
Editing -- Reddy
Dialogues -- Ravi Srivatsa
Music -- Mano Murthy
Performances -- Needless to say hatrick hero shivanna, and Ravi Belagere has stepped up and has excelled very well, good competition for Shivanna. Guy
The other Shivanna gang crew (Raguram, Harish Rai, Bullest Prakash, Muni etc )have done justice and they are very well utilized and they have gooten a very good exposure.

The child artist who played the role of younger shivanna in the movie has acted with an attitude, though he has a small role, his role is very commendable.

Ravi Khaale has a small role, plays a disciplined police officer, he really stands out.

Songs have not recieved a lot of attention, but still it is very much situational. Taaramyya,Lahari and Munjaney Manjaagu songs are very well picturized.

The major credit should go to Ravi Srivatsa for his story/screenplay, dialogues and direction. His hard work is evident/visible throughout the movie, his character selection is the best of the lot, needs a lot of appreciation.

The movie starts off on a solid pace and the same is maintained throughout, there isn't a dull/slow moment in the movie, this is where RS gets additional credit.

I seriously thought censor folks have lost their mind, Madesha truly deserves a U/A. It has violence but not the kind of violence which was projeced by the censor board.

All in all it is a very well executed movie, RS waited for over a year to release MADESHA, the results are outstanding and satisfactory

My rating of Madesha in a scale of 1 to 5, 1 being least and 5 being highest, Madesha gets 4.5

:lol: [8)] :lol: [8)] :lol: [8)] :lol: [8)] :lol: [8)]

Wonderful....plz post Arasu sir's pic...I am really sad that I was missing :-( :-( :-( :-( :-(


Mayura said:
chethancj said:
dont worry. deepak gowda has taken photos of dance inside theatre.. he ll upload it soon..

Movie was Mindblowing.. and Adda crowd was superb.. movie nodidre ee tara nodbeku.. PvR full Dhool.. those who didnt come seriously missed awesome fun.. this is my first movie with adda.. you guys totally rockk.. hats off to all ppl who organised the event.. next yav movie idru nuggode
WOW tht's nice.. :-|

Next we will either go to Milana or Vamshi for sure. :-|


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Hi Guys..

First let me thank all the adda guys who gave this wonderful chance to meet everyone and watch the blockbuster 'MADESHA'

After many attempts to meet the Adda guys, finally I made it on sunday. The PVR wore a festive look. courtesty: Shivu Adda.

Had the chance of meeting Naren, Madhu, Muthuraj, Hoysalaratna, Muthanna and many others. Ofcourse, one of the highlight was meeting Goodman.

We missed Calvin, Amar, JB sir and Shivyogi sir. Hope to meet them on VAMSHI's release.

Thanks again to Shivu Adda for making day.
:-| :-|

Now, for the movie - When the movie began some people might get confused whether its an kannada movie or an Hollywood movie. The richess, the high technical standards hits u right when a the shots of a Limo and a chopper over Sydney starts rolling on the screen. Never in my life have I ever seen such a introduction of a hero on the silverscreen. without any doubts I can call 'MADESHA' - The pride of Kannada Film Industry. Its going to to be a benchmark for every director.

As for the roles - Shivanna shows why he is the Superstar of KFI. You get to see his acting prowess the moment he appears on the scree. The look, the swagger, the style can kill you to the core. He's simple 'The Best in The Business'. Nobody can ever come close to him. The way he acts in the emotional scene with his mother brings tears ur eyes. The way he fights, the way he expresses his anger just through his eyes can never be easily forgotten (unlike some stars who just shout at the top of their voice). Its gonna haunt u forever. His subtle expression on his face can send a chill down ur spine.

Hats of Ravi.S for etching out a wonderful character for Shivanna. There is never a dull moment in the movie. The editor must be applauded for his outstanding work. And also Seetharam, the eyes of this movie. If producer Goverdhan had real guts in spending 7 crs for this movie, Seetharam has made sure that its looks like 7+7 cr.

After the movie one question which haunted me was - what did the censor find so objectionable in this movie to make such a fuss and issue an 'A'. There may be some violence scene. But I beg to differ, there's more violence on the news channel we see everyday, and in every movie. A bad decision by the censor board.

This being my first movie with Adda also made it even more memorable.
Dont MISS it.
Everyone have written their reviews.. If I also write, I have to repeat the same content.. bcoz, the opinions of 100s of ppl out here is the same..Mine is no different..

A sizzling movie by sizzling star for all sizzling kannaDigas..

Maa.... Deeee.... Shaaaa.........

a fabulous movie.. ShivaNNa is only becoming young day by day.. year by year.. Hats off to him for his energy.. I am sure NONE of the other heroes would hav given justice to this role.. I ws just stunned for the introduction scene shot in Australia.. Thats GSV's magic.. Sadhu's background music is superb and he has hummed a bit song tooo...

One STRONG point I want to make about Ravi Srivathsa is his selection of the artists.. He has given chance to the all the kannaDa artists for which I am very very happy.. [8)] 8-) Ramesh PanDith leaves a great impact on our mind with his performance.. No words abt Ravi BeLagere.. he is superbb.. [8)] Shame on those directors who bring Ashish Vidyarthi, Mukesh Rishi, Suman, Rahul Dev for villain roles.. :-X :-X

I personally liked Munjaane manjaagu song very much... 8-)
It was a memorable experience at PVR.. It was very nice to meet ADDa guys after a year(My last event with aDDa was for Milana..). I was also pleased to meet Arasu sir, Mutturaja sir.. kannaDiga sir..Goodman, Kadambarathna and other guyz for the first time.. :lol: :lol:

Thanx a ton to Madhu for arranging such a fabulous event.. :-| :-| :G) :G)
Mayura said:
PVR was rocking today with Adda guys !!!! One more memorable event from Shivu Adda. Thanks to one & all for making the event such a big success.

Meeting new adda guys for the 1st time was even more memorable.

Ajay rao of Excuse me & Tajmahal fame was also in the show.

Yes it was most memorable day yesterday.. Dint meet new adda guys but still the show was rocking..

Shivanna was looking great in the movie. [8)] [8)] [8)] [8)] [8)]

aDDa guys nim dance maatra sooooper.. [8)] [8)] [8)] [8)] [8)]

Shivanna na nodadha illa nimmanna nododha pull confuse.. But it was really fun... Great to be in aDDa .[8)] [8)] [8)]

Yesterday Shivanna Triveni threate hatra hogidranthe.. Ravi Shrivatsa avr haeladhru..

He told about our group and he said got a good response from Shivanna fans anta... I was really happy for that [8)] [8)] [8)] [8)] [8)]
Madesha Event was Electrifying.Thanks For Shivu Adda Making This Happend Very Succesful. About Madesha Film. What can i say. The Film Is One of The Best Technically Well Made Film.Thanks To Madesha Team.For Giving Such An Excellent Touch.Guys Those Who Still Not Watched The Movie.Please Go and See.This is One of the Best Movie Which KFI Has Got.Has Every One Are Saying Its Mass Shivan Fans Only.Friends Belive Me.You Truely Enjoy The Film.IT's An Classy Very Richly Well Made Films You need give an shot to it.Before Watching Madesha 2nd Part.Belive Me Madesha Will Make You Feel Happy And You Will Come out with a smile.Bcoz Madesha Is Coming 2nd Part.So Do Watch Madesha IF You Want To More.Shivana Your Ulimate.You Rocks KFI.The KING of KFI.