Make the aDDa popular in colleges in the city

eega malkondidaaga ond super idea banthu !!

kno wat ... the 4 years of proffesional education (as in BE , Btech ,BSc etc) are the most impressionable time of r lives... so, y dont u guys try makin the aDDa popular at these college fests .. esp the BMS , RV fest ..

make kannada fashionable...

most of the times , wat happens at these fests is .. some group sing n dance n catwalk to hindi songs and nam local hudguru baai bitkon nodthare..

i kno most of u guys will find it difficult to interact with colleges with ur busy schedule .. but wat i d suggest is.. v shud get hold of some students studying ther..

en anthirappa aDDa da doddavru ee idea ge


Yes few members here are from our college, yes we have plans not only to promote aDDa but taking KFI to new heights :) :) :) :)

Lets come out with some cool stuff to attract college folks :lol:
Dear Anand,

An Adda can only be successful if we leave out u,me, he and she. please use we instead as it represents our group. And the thought is really beautiful. The only reason why we wont find Kannada songs or skits in the college fest is because we have a lot of foreigners (I am referring this to the people out of Karnataka, only because they act like em {I am not a racist}) in the college. Each one of them would like to portray their culture and tradition on that fun filled day. As u said many of the kannadigas have the same thought as them but are afraid of being themselves in front of their foreign friends. We just have to let them know (educate) that Kannada is not inferior to any other languages and in fact it is far more superior than any other language, culture or tradition.