Mini Live Report - Lakshmi - Starts at 10 25 AM

Ashrith said:
How s Movie till now ???
Is it Better than SHIVA ???
How s Screenplay ?? :malin1:
by looking at trailors only we can say any day,any time lakshmi is far better than shiva anta,
lavishness is nothing less than any gulti n kongs movies

film swalpa delay annodhu ondhu bitre i am not finding any negative in this film


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Boss watchng lakshmi today 1.30 shw at kapali as per Raghuram in twitter.... :) :) kapali'li eroru Jaikara hakrappa annan'ge :amen: : :clap: :dance:

raghuram tweets..
''Friends watching lakshmi with sandalwood King in kapali theatre @ 1:30 vry excited All the vry Best 2 Entire Lakshmi team''


Movie after first half is better than SHIVA and with no compromises. Excellent fights and DLGs are the plus marks so far and offcourse with content.

Now the movie shifts to Hang Kong which will decide the overall outcome of the movie.