Mini Live Report - Lakshmi - Starts at 10 25 AM


Guys ALE is none other than BUDAA HIZDAA called RANGA aka MADHUSUDAN NAGRAJA. What more you can expect from a Tranny :mdr1:


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Le Le Le Ale
Kettidiya ninna tale
Ninage illi yaru kodalla bele, nele
Swamake kannada cinema madbeda kole
Namgella nemmadi ninu adda inda ache hodmele...........
Le Le Le.....Bega Hogale........ :langue:


Ale said:
Ready to accept the facts my dear :super: Verditct is already out :super:

Moderators are having fun by editing my posts, they feel this is more fun than watching Lakshmi :mdr3:
I thought people like you had grown up since viggy days when u came here initially a few months ago and pretended to be mature.
But as per the old saying, once a jackass always a jackass.

Hit or flop is in the hands of the audience. But laughing about it sadistically on the first day itself shows your pathetic mindset.