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The Kannada Cinema Industry is coming to road to protest once again on the declaration of Prime Minister of India Manmohan Singh to release Cauvery water from Karnataka to Tamil Nadu despite knowing well the drought and water scarcity for drinking.

Our farmers do not have sufficient water is a known fact to Prime Minister of India. The survey was done with regard to it recently and drought situation was brought to the notice of Union Agriculture Minister. There is no question of leaving water at the cost of state farmers – this is the common statement heard in the last 18 days.

The KFCC also support the state farmers. In a meeting held on Thursday at one point of time one of the members of the committee stated that even the Tamil speaking people in Karnataka should support the cause. We have no objection to any language people. When the issues crops up against the state interests all language people should come for support was the appeal made.

On 6th of October, 2012 at 10am the KFI members assemble at KFCC office and go on Padayatra to Governor office and submitted a memorandum to governor Hansaraj Bharadwaj.

As a result of this Bundh all the activities of KFI is closed for one day on 6th of October 2012.

Chanda Marutha

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This time i hope there will be lot of support from north karnataka people .
Saw the videos of people sending blood to PM office .


KFI is too inclined towards the problems of south part of Karnataka. They should also support Belagavi Issue, Sarojini Mahishi report implementation. That is only when people will get connected for all.

Its good these days that KFI is running some of its events in north part of Karnataka. :super:


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Release 9,000 cusecs of water to TN: SC to K'taka : The Supreme Court directed Karnataka to release 9,000 cusec of water from the Cauvery River daily to Tamil Nadu till October 20.

It is unfortunate that the Karnataka government is not following the orders of the committee headed by the prime minister, said the SC.

Tamil Nadu approached the SC after Karnataka refused to release water.

More details are awaited.

Now, very tough for BJP govt...they have to release the water now...
shame on TN politicians for using cauvery issue as political pride and shame on our MPs for doing nothing in the parliament.

Chanda Marutha

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After supreme court order, issue is gettin worst in mysore and mandya region . Tomorrow it will be huge gathering and they have plans to block highway


Whenver that fat white elephant BEEEYATCH comes to power in TN, she will start the Cauvery kirik...
I wish Veerappan had poached her too before he died.

TN should understand we are giving water to millions of tamils here if they want water...they can filter and drink bay of bengal water from marina beach....Or rajnikanth can pee inside their reservoir and fill it up.


LoL madesha but the agitation has intensified
400 farmers are guarding krs so tat night alli neer bitre goota idakke
Kaveri Issue - karnataka Bandh on 6th

Why there is no much support from bangaloreans for Kaveri issue???

College students were daily marching to freedom park for Anna Hazare movement...Ivag yaaru yaak thale kedskothilla???

Why no STAR has GUTS to speak about this issue and extend his support???

Kaveri Kannada Karnataka andre ivathgu fight madodu few kannada organizations and few poor people ashte....Inyavanu thale kedskolalla....

Just hope Kaveri water supply should be stopped in bangalore for 15 days....yellaru borewell water kudili...avag gothaguthe


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Bangaloreans are not supporting Kaveri issue from past few years...that's the reason Mandya people threatened to cut water supply to bangalore couple of years back. There are so many kannada organizations but except KRV, N Gowda faction no one seems to bother.
Kaddipudi said:
on OCT 6th even KFI is supporting on this issue
Theatre bandh madthare...shooting stop madthare....inyen madthare???

Statements kodbeku guru herogalu...Kaveriya kandanu....kaveriya kaalanchina raitha antha haadthare...ivag yellidhare??

Karnataka will always miss a great legendary leader Dr.RAJ :amen: