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Jallikattu a must Watch movie, visual effects are stunning, BG music, camera work, making superb
Ending scene picturised in Hollywood range like WarZ

Coincidentally When morning I opened news paper saw this article which connects to jallikattu

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How the hell this vetri maran make such kind of raw making?

Dhanush acting is tremendous. BGM haunt you like anything

Another hangover of Vetri Maran movie joins the list. Outstanding making

Dhanush-Vetri combo is one of the greatest ever in Indian Cinemas

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Streaming Dates

Namma Veettu Pillai - Nov 15 - Sun Nxt
Mallesham - Nov 20 - Netflix
Dorasani - Nov 20 - Netflix
Dream Girl - Nov 21- Zee5
Kaithi - Nov 25 - Hotstar
War - Nov 29 - Prime Video
Bigil - Nov 29 (Tentative) - Prime Video
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