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Dolemite is My Name is genuinely amusing. So happy to watch Eddie Murphy after a long time. It's a comedy biopic of Rudy Ray Moore's journey of creating a character called Dolemite and how he gained the fame. Eddie Murphy, Da'Vine Joy Randolph and Wesley Snipes steal the show. The film dissects the making of a Dolemite film, which was a huge hit back in the 70s and how Rudy went on to become a "Godfather of Rap." Dolemite was actually meant to be an action movie, it is so atrocious but when you watch that movie after watching Dolemite is My Name you will find it very funny. It's kind of a parody of an action film. They show the actual footage of the original film at the end and you will find great similarities between Eddie and Rudy. The beauty of the movie is that, this movie works for those with almost no knowledge of Moore or Dolemite. I'm sure at the end of the movie you will definitely check out the original Dolemite and its sequel.

Dolemite is My Name is available to stream on Netflix and the original Dolemite and The Human Tornado is on Prime Video.

Bonus: Eddie Murphy will be hosting SNL this December 21.


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Scorsese is back to form. When it comes to gangsta flick no one can deliver it better than him

Multi-starrer can't be better than this. Treat to watch both the legends in one frame

3:29:26 is the duration, but Scorsese didn't drag any of our attention.

Frank talking in phone with Jimmy Hoffa's wife is my favourite scene

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