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aDDa Junior
Watched yeh meri family
Beautiful and emotional series
Series taken back me to my childhood, big solute to YMF team for selecting unique subject & creating 90's atmosphere :love
Director didn't missed anything of that era, Summer holidays, mangos, Horlicks drinking competition, cococola cup, walkman, TV video game, cycle promise, trump cards, elders 2nd hand book, crt monitor, flames game, watching f channel in midnight, book binding-label all are included in story with beautiful family relationship
But still I missed mass games like Goli, gaalipata, choochendu, lagori, Koko, buguri etc.
A must watch...........

Thanks to mrugashira sir for referring

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aDDa Junior
Watched Made in Heaven
Loved it
Story runs around wedding planners, big fat Indian wedding & Section 377.
Screenplay is good, didn't get bored at any part of the series, every episode is more interesting as every character of the movie face challenges at every moment.
Series is filled with bold scenes (no nudity like sacred games) & emotions. Many scenes made me cry
I loved the BG music of title card, it's still haunting me and the voice message that comes after end of every episode
Personally I feel it's a must watch for its social awareness

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