Ninnindhale Movie- Puneeth Rajkumar, Erica - Dir: Jayanth C. - Released

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Puneeth’s next is with Jayanth C Paranji News of actor Puneeth Rajkumar’s next film being launched on his birthday, which falls on March 17, is old. But Bangalore Times has exclusive information about the actor’s next project. Karnataka’s Power Star is all set to work with Telugu director Jayanth C Paranji, who has directed the likes of Pawan Kalyan, Venkatesh and Mahesh Babu.
When BT contacted the director, he confirmed the news. “Yes, we will announce the project with Puneeth on his birthday. The rest of the details will be revealed later on, closer to when we start filming. This is a script that I have had for a long time and hold very close to my heart.”
Jayanth adds, “The film is a fun yet feel-good love story. The tie-up was something that happened all of a sudden. I narrated the script and within a matter of days I was on board and we are now looking at starting the shoot by May.” Buzz is that the story is based completely outside India. As for the heroine, the team is, most probably, looking for a fresh face.
A little-known fact is that Jayanth is a Bangalore boy. “My mother is from here and I was born here as well and did my schooling here. So I have always had the idea of making a film in Kannada at the back of my mind. And to now be doing a film with the Rajkumar family is a dream come true,” says Jayanth.
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Important points about this project:

Jayanth has directed Telugu movies like Theenmaar, Shankhar dada MBBS, Takkari Donga etc..

The Project will be announced on Appu's Birthday, i,e March 17th

Appu has liked the script very much and it is close to his heart..

The film is fun yet feel good LOVE STORY... :coeur:

Story is based on completely outside India!!! :coeur:

Shooting starts in May..

Jayanth is from Bangalore and his dream was to work with Mega Power Star of Sandalwood..

A fresh face will be cast as heroine....

ALL THE BEST TO APPU.... Splendid News..

More excited about three things, Feel good love story, completely based in abroad and fresh face as heroine...


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KG18 said:
Hogtha Hogtha Gothaagathe Banni

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so its still not confirmed antha naa.. :0

yeno, felt this will be the right kind of movie for Appu at this point of time.. hmmm...

Hope its not remake or remix of anything.. said:
Just a small request MODS edit the thread name to Only Power Star Puneeth not Mega Power Star Puneeth
expected same, mega power star anta yaak karibeku.
film na bere lang indre tandre kaddiddu antira ade title ge yaak annalla. I am not telling that same title shud be given to 2 stars of different regions, we can but fans yaake allittidanne illu idbeku. Shivu Adda indane yaaradru ondu olle title suggest madli n we the members of this community address him with that title r else shall go with "POWER STAR" but for kfi sake not as mega power star.

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already edited.. Cool down folks..

Yaaro Telugu hero nodi Mega antha hakilla.. Yeno namma abhimaana.. hogli bidi..

Discuss about this director and your expectations from Appu's next movie..


No..its not a remake
Its 100% confirmed
March 17th it will be launched while shooting will be from May

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Great news. N finally official.

More surprises can be expected, and the day is Mar 17.

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Fresh face heroine is a big welcome.. :super:

No more Bhavana, Priyamani, Andritha, Ragini, Ramya and not even RP..

The concept should be very fresh.. Since Appu is saying the script touched him, excited..

Appu with a competent fresh heroine in abroad.. A big delight to watch..

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Want some fresh and exciting look for Appu as well not seen in any earlier movies..

Observed in Kotyadhipathi Ads.. Appu has become much slimmer and looking smart...

Still 2 months are there.. Pls inform this to the director.. Let him give a thought about it...