Ninnindhale Movie- Puneeth Rajkumar, Erica - Dir: Jayanth C. - Released

Chanda Marutha

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All four Non Kannada movies are having bad report.

All theaters will be free from second week.

Ninnandhale will get lot of theaters in North Karnataka.


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Ads are coming in Polimer Kannada also ...
KG, please talk to HMT, Vaibhav(Sanjay Nagar) , Rex(Night show), MuKunda, Anand(tannery Road).

Karthik instead of Anand, Pls try with Vinayaka DJ Halli or Pushpanjali Sultanpalya as Anand is in between Muslim area and people would think twice to watch there.

All Appu movies have been releasing in Vinayaka
kg sir theater list alli raichur theater ila :( yava theater alli release agthaide snt or mini eagrly waiting sir

Sir, please provide raichur report..