Ninnindhale Movie- Puneeth Rajkumar, Erica - Dir: Jayanth C. - Released

Sandeep Sunstar

Master Mind

5th weekweek
PVR: Koramangala - Classic
03:50 PM
INOX: Malleshwaram - Mantri Square
03:40 PM
PVR: Orion Mall, Rajajinagar - Premiere
06:50 PM

6th week
INOX: Malleshwaram - Mantri Square
06:40 PM

first day =152
first week=700
second week= 441
third week=133
4th week=56
6thweek= 7
total 1510

3rd highest after Sols n 6-5=2


aDDa Junior
that's no problem......hope he selects good movies nowonwards......and I am happy that ganesh is doing

"gunde jaari galanth ayindi" remake...a relief :D :D :D :D :D


aDDa Junior
haha movie ge estondu bad wom heali madidru

but still it in top 3 at multiplex with highest shows :)

i liked the movie ;)

in btw

hammaya shifted to gani na :O who is the heroine?