Nirmapakara Sahasa


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Namma Dayal, Ramesh, Chandrashekar yella seri pirated DVD madtidha yuvaka nannu hididare!! Avanu Mysore nalli idanante...yella CD alle pirate agi sale agthithu!! Ivaru customer thara hogi avanana hididhu police ge opidarante!!!

Ee thara dhairya maado nirmapakaru namage beku! Idhu hege munduvariyali!! Kannada film piracy nilali!


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We too need to make an attempt to pass on such information to the producers when we come across any piracy. How do we do that?
aravind said:
Mayura said:
Yes we will discuss it in the meet.. :)
I think u guys have to make few points(for discussion) before going for the meeting..Otherwise we will miss out....
Aravind.. i ve noted down the points tht are to be discussed.. so we should not have any problems.. :)