Operation Alamelamma Movie - Shradda Srinath - Dir: Simple Suni - Released


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Operation Alamelamma Movie Review

Rating: 3.5/5

Purmy, a vegetable auctioneer, who is engaged to be married to school teacher, is picked up by the police. He has been rounded in as the prime suspect in the kidnap case of a school kid. How does Purmy wriggle out of this mess?

When one watches a Suni film, what one is assured is innovative dialogues, filled with quirks and laughs, and an offbeat take on something we see daily. Operation Alamelamma also delivers the same. The film, which rides high on its writing and dialogues, is mostly a fun ride for the viewers, where they are often found laughing at the simple, but funny dialogues.

This story, which at heart is a thriller, is also a romcom with some heartwarming scenes. While the film begins in the middle of a kidnap drama, it soon takes a comical twist as we are introduced to the lead pair — Purmy and Ananya. Both of them are street smart and have their own dreams and aspirations. A breezy romcom is what unfolds until we come back to the kidnap drama and its prime suspect Purmy. From there, we see a mix of action, a whodunnit mystery and even sentimental drama.

The film has a first half that engages and entertains with lots of light moments. The second half, which has a lot of drama unfolding, ends up being a tad slow towards the end, which can get one fidgeting. The film scores high on technical values. Cinematographer Abhishek G Kasargod promises to be an asset to the Kannada film industry, given his work here. Judah Sandhy's songs and background score adds to the narrative.

When it comes to acting, Rishi makes his mark, and how! He has a tailormade role to create an impression, and he uses it and charms the viewer. His screen presence is hard to miss. Shraddha Srinath delivers with a well-etched character and proves why people are tipping her to be the next big thing in Sandalwood. Rajesh Nataranga is good, albeit his role is akin to the one in Kendasampige.

This film is for those who want to be entertained and also like clever writing. Suni's brand of cinema is well-known and this is another such, go ahead and get your weekend laughs.

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Rating: 3/5

It was a simple operation and the patient is alive after the surgery. The film is supposedly a kidnap drama but is more of a love story in intent and content. The cute love story and the kidnap plot are held together on a flimsy thread and could well have been two separate stories. They are good in their parts but their sum is not a wholesome film. When you begin to feel that lack of a robust twist or money shot, the film is over.

The film is not bad but leaves you unsatisfied. It may be because you had expected this Operation to be too good. That said, the film is much better than the average Sandalwood fare and worth every penny you pay for the ticket.

The film starts with Purmy, an auction agent at a local street market, trapped in a kidnap crime. His curiosity and love for branded goods gets the better of him as he checks on an abandoned bag at a busy junction.

The bag contains a ransom placed by the police to trap the kidnappers of a kid. As Purmy tires to entangle himself from the crime, he gets entrapped even more. Meanwhile, he tries to prove his innocence by revealing his story. It is his love story with a school teacher.

Suni, who has also penned the story, lyrics and whatever else necessary to keep the budget down has still managed to make a decent and lively film. The love story is engaging and Suni proves to be a master of this game. But it is the kidnap part of the film which is weak. It lacks the suspense and dramatic elements. The anonymous kidnapper calls and asks for the money to be deposited in various locations and the police just follow the instructions.

The film is technically sound and does not have loose ends in the plot. There are good aerial shots and debutant cameraman Abhishek Kasargod makes his mark, especially in a point of view action scene. Judah Sandy scores two brilliant tunes. The real find of the film is Rishi. His is an easy and outstanding performance.

Aruna Balaraj is the next best actor in the film.

Operation Alamelamma is not a routine Sandalwood film. But compared to the other new-generation films, falls short of expectations.

source: Bangalore Mirror


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I might miss this movie due to the fact that chappar shradha Srinath.. she is promoting Vikram Vedra Tamil movie more in twitter

And she was praising Manirathnam for that miss if you blink role in flop movie.. It was Pawan who brought her to film land.. She is big chappar
Don't do that bro it's a good entertaining movie..... Watched 1 pm show today at balaji tavarekere balcony 80% 2nd 40%.......4pm show was jam packed......but ee kongragalu yesht jana idarapa lakshmi alli shraddha tamil film olle slum jana thara aadthidru.... I have not seen a single poster is her in tamil... Don't know why they lick so much