Pailwaan Movie - Kichcha Sudeep, Aakanksha Singh - Dir: Krishna - Arjun Janya - Released


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Watched in Prime!
Parvagilla chennagide!
Deepanna has acted well and heroine sakkath idale.
Bad music and very average scenes which had scope for good emotions spoiled by Nolan Krishna!
BO wise innu chennagi perform madbodittu for this average-abv average content


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Watched the movie at Amazon Prime... Nothing to boost about. Its a tried and tested storyline with routine stuff. The boxing sequences are a big letdown. Actually boxing and kusti are the heart of the film. But unfortunately the boxing sequences doesn't come anywhere near to the Rocky first part which is a movie of 80s. It really disappointed me to see even the body language of both sudeep and villan are too unrealistic.
Even the emotions are very flat and felt forced.
In my opinion, in our kannada film industry when people try different genre they never try to stick to the core (in this case boxing and kusti). They just use it as a marketing tool to sell their age old emotional stuff. Until they try to stay genuine to the core, they should never attempt.