Power *** Movie - Puneeth Rajkumar,Trisha Krishnan,Prabhu Ganesan, Neetu Chandra - K.Madesh - S. Tha

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Mungaru male wiki page has got 101k ++
so power is not first

adakintha jasti ne maduthe bidi .................. mm is old like yajamana egina trend ge Power is record creator


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Mungaru male wiki page has got 101k ++

give me the link

and 100 wickets togondiro bowler ge 101 wicket tegiyodu dhod kashta en ala it will beat that record too :)

Chanda Marutha

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200K views in NAM aDDa....<br />100 days...<br />100K FB likes....<br /><br />Can't get better than this.....<br /><br />#SUPER_POWER_STAR:wub: :wub::wub:

shows the popularity of APPU. :wub:


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here some people always behaves like sadist n losers.. i dont know what they will get posting always nonsense with or without reason... plz grown up guys... if u people didn't like any hero plz stay away from them..

is power 100 days genuine.. one week push madillive...

Ignore them. Power was pushed last few weeks just like most of the movies which completed 100 days in last few years.


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+1 :)

Further, a grad student can conduct a thesis for figuring out the following:

1. costs of free tickets for school kids, employees of factories and govt offices

2. The cost of renting buses for transporting people

3. deficit rent payments

... and take up distribution of other movies and ensure it doesn't release in the theatre where their flop movie is being pushed....


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that to pushing in 41 theaters ............

:crazy: :crazy:

Had heard of a movie being pushed for 100 days...

But for first time a movie is being pushed in 100 theatres.... :shok: :shok: :shok: