Power Star Puneeth Rajkumar : Child Artist, Actor, Playback Singer, Anchor , Television Presenter

Hi all, if anyone has access to Shivanna or Puneet, please let them know to engage more with media which includes TV news channel, TV anchors, Social media, news paper editors. I feel that the media anchors and social media have been biased. I feel that they are trying to bring down Puneet by giving more importance to other actors. I am seeing that media is making news even if the actor (Sudeep, Darshan etc. are made gods already. Darshan if he walks, talks, sleeps, meets someone, wishes someone on Twitter becomes news.) coughs but are ignoring Puneet and giving him less coverage. I think fans are getting reduced for Puneet and he needs to fund the fan associations and social media to create the buzz about him. These are my observations over the past year. Nothing against anyone. Thatskannada.com, public TV, suvarna news tv9 etc will have at least one news per day on Darshan or sudeep. If Puneet tweets something no media or article will be written. If the same is done by Darshan or sudeep, it will become a news.
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