Raaj - The Showman live Report on Friday from 8AM

Heroine is a heroine in this movie, as of yet. Appu runs behind this heroine singing "Hey Paaro".....awesome expression by Appu when he mouths "Rowdyism antu nange gotilla."
Heroine shows signs of falling in love with Raaj....andre gothaythalla Kuch Kuch shuru....Amazing attitude by Appu in that Pirate costume, he carries it off amazingly.
Movie freeze for intermission with a great twist which obviously I will not reveal. Overall a superb story, a great movie with no shades of previous appu or prem movies. Cannot wait for second half to begin.
Ellappa muniya...kaane aagi bittiddiya.....continue maadi....

So far all the reports i am getting gives huge thumbs up for the movie..... [8)] [8)] [8)]