Real life Ghost (Devva) and supernatural experiences.updateD

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Wow very interesting thread

I would like to share my experience

Very recently I mean in the month of may I had been to one village in Koppalla district on audit of a manufacturing company. The mgt gave us a high class guest house which is on the bank of back water Lake of Tunga Bhadra dam. We were only two in the guest house.

On the first day of our schedule I was sleeping on the right side of the bed and on my left side a window was closed with curtains and right opposite to window a street light was three.

Around 1-2 am I opened my eyes slowly I saw one gal like object was standing on the other side of the window I was wondering how come a gal in this guest house that too at this time. Suddenly I turned on my left side and saw one strange guy was sleeping between me n my colleague I remember the room was locked properly and was checked twice meanwhile I felt like someone is sitting on my chest and started to squeeze my neck hardly I couldn't even breath properly I was trying to scream but I'm unable. The strange guy who was sleeping in between us started to get up slowly by laughing loudly. Then I thought like this must be a some sort of super natural power and to get rid off it I started to chant some mantras within few minutes everything became normal. Meter was full off. Didn't sleep rest of the night.
Then in the morning I read in Internal audit report that 2 accidents took place in the previous year and 3 workers were killed.

I gone through sleepless nights for whole one week. Last day while leaving the room I closed my eyes n closed the door full meter was off.

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I too had some experience 3 years back went to Tumkur on deputation when I stayed @ sampige lodge Room no between 101-103 :whole night i heard screaming someone next day i asked receptionist he told we didn't heard anything
next day I changed my room I was stay their whole week

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I too had experienced this Ghost feeling in 2010..During my first Year MBA in New Horizon college back side of our college ter was a khali bunglow everytime me & my friends wer going ter for smoking.I was not at all believing tis bhootha & pichachi but one fine day our college let off at 6pm at tat time rain was coming so,me & my friends went to stand near tat bunglow I was listening to songs & i was standing alone suddenly I saw sumone passing around me wearing white mask I was fully shocked & durr after seeing tat even my friends shouted loudly terafter I went to home mathe a jagak hoge illa..

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Witness for another incident
My friend sister had suffered from Black magic (this incident come in TV 9 also in ಹಿಗೂ ಉಂಟೇ) for 2 episode she is out of danger
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Well I too had suffered from a black magic... prathi rathri yaro nanna hidkondange hagthithu... a manthrika helped me from coming out of it that too not fully, trust me Thayi Jwalamukhi Tripurasundari help me just after one visit to her temple....
Jai Chamundeshwari.