Request to Admins - Pls removie this forum option.


Sorry for creating a thread.... since calvin is online i thought of creating one..

This forum has one irritating option while submitting posts....

After we click on Post SUBMIT button , our post should immediately appear in the thread... but in the mean time if there has been any new posts from other members we get msg saying that there has been new post, would u like to check that.... (something similar msg)..

I request Admins to pls remove this option.. this is very irritating if we are browsing form a cell phone, as it takes lot of time for posts submission on a cell phone network..

I also checked Forum setting so that i could disable this option.. but did not find any...



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+ 11111111111 :iagree

Also pls change Mylari poster and put Jogayya poster in main form :shock: :shock:

Dear Member,

Pls provide nice Jagayya poster to Calvin :'w


Unfortunately that feature id not a configurable option to my knowledge. It was a new feature added when phpbb updated to 3.0...So I will see if we can get a MOD to do this...

But I somehow liked that feature... :x Many times helps us from repeating what someone already has said...Anyways let me see. ..