Roberrt Movie - Darshan - Dir: Tarun Sudhir - Umapathy Films - Released


aDDa Junior


aDDa Junior
Watched Rubbert fdfs with Superbad sir in kongs center Aruna, Srirampura with houseful crowd, movie is above avg for me.
Movie starts with Jai sriram song Darshanya entry with Hanumantha get-up looks good. Happy for selecting North State instead of karnataka for such atmosphere.
Story just goes in typical style, but not gives feel of dragging as we get elevation scenes alongwith. First half ends beautifully with a nice elevation. I was very impressed as I went with zero expectation seeing our stars previous movies & but interval made me expect more in second half.
Second half also begins superbly with entry of binod prabhakar & darshanya entry as rubbert, set is very creative, I felt like something new for kannada especially for Darshany movie, I enjoyed that scene. But After that action scene movie turns to social awareness like transgender, child trafficking issues. I felt there was where movie lost track.
They should have shown rubbert as KILADI with drugs smuggling or robbery things etc & CRUEL for the hype that they gave in first half. But we can't help, Our producers or stars sticks to outdated emotional drama or something.
Finally Movie ends just like every other movie.
Anniyan kind of acting wasn't required for climax & it looks very funny.
Tarun sridhar is talented infact more talented than his brother, his presentation, ideas & mass elevation scenes superb, he just need a good script to deliver a good movie.
Songs are good, liked rubbert portion bg music more than Raghavs.
Dialogues are ok ok some are good & some are outdated.
Darshanya should reduce his weight, we can see less expressions in his big face compare to old face.
I doubt family audience can watch this movie as it don't have repeat value but mass will enjoy for sure, after the long time they got something to watch again n again.

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