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With the latest technology the closed theatre of Fame Shanker Nag theatre on MG Road has commenced functioning from last Friday. A day before the newly equipped theatre ‘Shanker Nag Swagath Onyx’ theatre was inaugurated by internationally acclaimed music director AR Rehaman.

The new facelift is something wonderful in the list of single screens. There is no projector and re-adjustable screen 3 D LED from Sony Company has come up, even in case of lights there is possibility to watch the film, the JLB Harmon loud speakers have come up all over for this 650 seating capacity ‘Shaker Nag Swagath Onyx’ theatre.

English film ‘Avengers’ was first to screen with lovely ambience, sound and screening techniques.

One hopes for similar status for closed Puttanna Theatre at Jayanagar 4th block in the busiest locality. Even the space here also belongs to Brihat Bengaluru Metropolitan Corporation.

Kichcha Sudeep and KFCC President SA Chinne Gowda congratulated for this new development. Perhaps the only single screen theatre in Bengaluru with so much of top quality facility is ‘Shanker Nag Swagath Onyx’.